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PND Soil & Gravel in Victoria, BC is a family-run business that has been serving the south Vancouver Island area for over 50 years with landscaping materials, gardening services and more. The Johal family has been trucking on the island since the 1930’s and now has 4 generations worth of trucking experience!

Trust us with your deliveries, excavation and debris removal.

Soil & Rock Products

Soils/ Mulches
  • PND's Original #1 Screened Topsoil (since 1968) $25/yd

    Peat, Chicken manure, Screened brown soil mix

  • Supreme Lawn Blend $45/yd

    Mixture of Sand, Organic Compost and screened topsoil

  • Garden Soil $45/yd

    Peat, Manure, Compost, Loam- Use for new flower, vegetable beds or topping them up

  • Chicken of The Sea Mulch $70/yd

    PNDs own special mix with aqua mulch and aged Chicken manure. This soil amender is perfect for enhancing existing garden beds

  • Screened Compost $60/yd

    Affordable product for adding nutrients to existing soil

  • Fine Mulch $40/yd

    Moisture retention, and decorative for around plants/trees

  • Course Mulch (Fir) $25/yd

    Moisture retention, and decorative for around plants/trees

  • Cedar Chips $55/yd
Waste Drop-off Prices

Actual cost may differ depending on material. We do not accept Concrete or Asphalt. Any material dumped found with these products may be subject to additional fees. We absolutely do not accept environmentally contaminated materials.

  • Dump Fee-Small $30
  • Dump Fee-Single Axle $50
  • Dump Fee-Tandem $75
  • Fill Sand-Washed $50/yd

    A coarse sand generally used for rock walls and top dressing lawns. Can be used for sandboxes, grading/leveling ground before setting bricks

  • ¾ Clear Crush $40/yd

    Most commonly used for driveways and pathways

  • ½ Clear Crush $52/yd

    Suitable for pathways, landscaping needs; good drainage capabilities

  • ¾ Road Base $35/yd

    For driveways, good base material for pouring concrete on

  • Screenings $45/yd

    Fine pathway blend, has great compaction

  • Navvy Jack $50/yd

    Most common aggregate used for making concrete

  • ¾ Round Drain Rock $50/yd

    Perimeter drains, can be used as decorative material

  • 6’’ Minus River Rock $50/yd

    Use for decorative around yard or dry/wet river bed

  • Pea Gravel $55/yd

    Decorative and drainage, play areas for children, pathways

  • 8’’-12’’ River Rock $5/Piece

    Use for decorative, or bowling balls if your Fred Flintstone

32 fir 2x12x8ft Boards
Looking to build garden boxes or have another project around the home. – $20/ board
Red Fire Bricks

50 cents/brick

Slabs of Rock

Perfect for address signs, or landscape rock/ stairs – $50/ each



Small Slate​
Small Blast Rock (8"-12")

$5/ each

Farm Fresh Eggs – $5/Dozen

Minimum Charge – $20 | Prices plus tax | Prices Subject to Change | Delivery available upon request | Slinger Service Available | We Also Accept Lawn & Garden Waste

Please call before closing hours for early next day service.

Soil Disclaimer: Soil is a product of our environment. It is rare but possible for soils to contain small pieces of waste (ie. Glass or plastic) that the screener cannot  remove.

Product Information: Our blends contain natural and organic fertilizers that feed your plants while building the soil base. The content of organic materials keeps the products loose and airy which will hold more moisture and nutrient, foster growth of soil organisms and promote healthier plant growth.

Prices subject to change

No delivery is too small or too big

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*Please call before closing hours for early next day service.

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*Please call before closing hours for early next day service.

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